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Friday, October 30, 2015

Mrs. Luciana - Farm Room

We have had so much fun here in the Farm Room. We've been learning letters, numbers, colors and so much more.
Each week we talk about a different theme and we learn a lot.
Take a look at our pictures to see all the fun things we've been learning. 
We like to build with our friends! And sharing is not a problem!

Our road !
Here are some pictures from when we were talking about our "Community Helpers".
Construction Workers and their "Tool Belt"

We had the Chef preparing some yummy food...

 And sometimes we just want to chill and read a book...

We love to learn the letters and sounds!

 And Fall begins and we talked about Pumpkins...

And we got to try some delicious Pumpkin seeds.

We also made "Fall Tree"

We practice our Fine Motor Skills combined with fun...

We made Binoculars and we were looking around our classroom, finding the teachers, looking outside, looking at our friends... we sure had fun!

And of course we have to celebrate Halloween. I love seeing all the kids and their costumes.

The kids get so excited when they have their family in the classroom and we love having Mommy, Daddy, Grandparents, little brothers and sisters with us.

Cupcakes and cookies are the best!


And this is how we learn in the Farm Room...
We make it a fun learning experience!


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