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Friday, October 16, 2015

Mrs. Nettie's 3's AM/PM Classes

What fun we have had here in the forest room these past few months! The kiddos bring such light and joy into each and every day we spend together. We have been working on many concepts, numbers, letters, colors, and themes such as family, the body, teeth, safety, leaves, and fall! These themes and activities help lead us into the most anticipated and exciting time of year.... the holiday season!! The children always have a blast with the fun activities and celebrations that we hold around this time :o) 

Here is a fun glimpse into the exciting moments within our classroom :)


Preparing for fall by creating finger-paint fall trees as well as practicing blending colors with the colors of the week!



We had a wonderful visit from a special author... the Bedtime Fairy!



The students practice their fine motor skills by cutting and pasting colored paper to create a mosaic apple for fall.


Sharing some giggles at snack time :o)

The children focused as they formed "AB" patterns with gems.

The little ones adored the special visit from the police department as they helped explain the importance of staying safe and using caution during our safety week.

The students learn the difference between curved and straight lines while they also learn body awareness, cooperation, organization, and sequencing as they build Mat Man together. Here was our finished product!

The children practice writing the number of the week as they learn the proper technique of holding a writing utensil.

The kiddos were having a blast playing with foam while working on sensory exploration.

During our teeth week, the students assembled a representation of the mouth including the gums, teeth, and tongue.



Using the shape of the week, the children sorted colors so they could graph three circles of the same color onto their paper. They did an amazing job!


We had such a fun time creating these beautiful fall leaves, in hopes of bringing some cooler weather along with them ;o)

By conceptualizing our shape of the week, the children used their imagination to turn their square into a new object!

Hope you enjoyed a peak into our classroom :o)

Mrs. Nettie & Mrs. Lisa

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