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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Circus Room 3's

Ms. Sara, Ms. Madison, & Ms. Kylee

We had fun during our Halloween Celebrations last week! We dressed up in our costumes, had some fun trick-or-treating and made some silly jack-o-lanterns!

This week we learned all about pets and how we take care of them. We made rainbow fish, feathered birds, pet puppets, and pet rocks. We counted with snack goldfish in fish bowls and whiskers on cats.
We also learned what a veterinarian is! We had so much fun sharing what pets lived at our homes and their names.

Fun during free play! 

Lunch time! 

 & Snack time!

After we finish with snack, we find a book to read! 
This time the kids decided they wanted to sit in chairs and read their books :)

Sorting pets- Biggest to smallest.

 And practicing cutting on our own with scissors during centers!

We practice writing our names every day.

Music & Movement is so much fun!

Dramatic play time! We practiced a veterinarian's job and helped a dog. The kids helped wrap the dog's leg in a bandage, used the stethoscope, and gave him medicine and a shot.


We had another great week!

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