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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Laura and Emmalee's MWF am Ranch Class

This past week, our focus was on letters M and T. 

The children have the Phonogram Song memorized now and are ready to put all those letter sounds into practice. Now they have the tools to start sounding out small (CVC) words like mat sat lip lid pot mop ect.  They read Bob Books at home for extra practice.

They are really excelling in their handwriting too. We will start concentrating on making lower case letters. All of the children can write their names in lower case already!

 Shaving cream and vampire teeth were used to practice brushing (T) Teeth
 Katie and Omari put their  (M) Mickey Mouse craft together:)
 They used popcorn to use as blossoms for our (T) Trees craft.

We flipped the table to build T for Towers.

 Pirates and Princess was our last theme for the Dramatic Play Bin:)

 Our Dramatic Play  bin this month is Construction Theme. They are loving it!

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