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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fall in the Ranch Room Mrs.Dallas and Mrs.Theresa

Ranch Room Tue/Thurs

Mrs. Dallas and Mrs. Theresa

We have been having so much fun this fall. For Halloween the kids were exploring pumpkins, making spider webs and shaving cream ghosts.

 The kids were so cute wrapped like mummy's during our Halloween Party!!

While we were learning about the letters S and A, the kiddos were able to be mad scientists, experimenting with different ingredients. 

We also have a new friend in class! He has been a pleasure to have! Welcome Caden!! He loves playing with the blocks!!!

The blocks are a free play favorite!!

Jaxson, Morgan, and I even made a zoo with them! 

When we learned about the letter M and T, our three girls in class loved brushing some teeth with shaving cream.

Anaya, Emma, and Morgan

The kids were reading to each other during reading time. So sweet.

During centers this last week the class sorted skittles and graphed how many they had. They loved this activity and did an amazing job! 

The class is learning so much! So proud of them!!

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