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Friday, January 15, 2016

Farm Room - Mrs. Luciana & Mrs. Shannon

The kids are growing so fast in the Farm Room!!!
It is awesome to see how excited they get every time we are learning something new or doing a project.
Their motor skills are getting better and better.
Look how good they are using Q-tips to paint the star.

We love to read!
Learning about Vegetables...
We tried some carrots, celery, bell peppers... Most of the kids liked the carrots better and then we used some of the vegetables to paint.

Circle Time!
Look how good we are. During circle time we sing, we talk about our weekend, we talk about what we'll be doing during the day and we love Story Time.

Shaving cream is always fun, specially when we add some toys to it. We added some rollers and its so much fun to watch the prints on the shaving cream.



Thanksgiving Week!
We made Turkeys out of brown playdough and added some colorful feathers.

 Turkey Hats

 Thanksgiving Feast

Letter G is for Giraffe

We love when we get new books.

 Animal Prints
We used different animals and was fun to see how each animal has a different print.

And sometimes we like to use our hands to paint and its fine because we learn and have fun at the same time.

 We love to draw.
 We cover the table with white paper and with crayons we can use our imagination and draw lots of fun things.

 Painting with Hay
Instead of using the regular brushes, sometimes its fun to use something different and since we were talking about Farm Animals, painting with hay was a fun idea.

The kids love to play together and using the blocks we can build lots of things. And at the same time we are practicing sharing with our friends



Music Class 

Celebrating our friend's birthday is always fun...PARTY...AND DOUGHNUTS!!!

And to end our week talking about Farm Animal....a special visitor...CHICKEN!!!


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