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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Connie's P.M. Forest Room

January has been an exciting month in our classroom we have been learning all about dinosaurs and pond life take a look at all we have done.

We had such a fun time learning all about dinosaurs.  How some were meat eaters and some were plant eaters.  How they all looked different and that they are now extinct.

The class really enjoyed making there dinosaur fossils during our small group time.

During our art time we got to watercolor our dinosaur fossils with our favorite color.

We really enjoy doing our math and letter matching games.

During center time we have been working hard on our cutting, gluing and painting skills.  The children are doing so well with holding their scissors the right way and cutting on the lines.  This is a hard skill to master and we are so proud of them.

Our class has been working on writing their names by just looking at their name cards they all are really doing a great job.   Some of the children have long names and it is hard to make all the letters the correct way but they are really working hard.   Soon they will be writing their names with no help at all.  

We are working hard on our handwriting of letters and numbers.  

Of course all the children love free play.  It is one of their favorite times of the day. 

They worked so hard on putting this puzzle together.

The boys enjoyed the play dinosaurs. 

Play doh is always a favorite with the children.

We have a budding chef in our classroom.

The girls love playing in the house and with the babies.

The children love playing with the manipulative toys and all the different things we have in our sensory bin. 

Everyone really loves the new dollhouse that was added to our room.  As you can see we have so much fun in the forest room and are working hard everyday.  Ms. Connie and I love being able to teach your children and watch them grow everyday.  Thank you for sharing them with us.

Love, Ms. Theresa & Ms. Connie

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