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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ms. Theresa and Ms Connie's forest room fun

During our apples and vegetable week 
 we sampled 3 different types of apples, graphed them
 and found out which was the class favorite.   The red delicious and golden delicious tied.

We got our feet painted so we could make a special gift for our Dads.

We also had fun making ties and sharing donuts with our Dads.


We have been working hard on writing our letter of the week and practicing our names.

We really enjoy snack time with our classmates.  
This is the time we like to share stories and jokes.

Playing in the house is everyone's favorite.

The children love building towers and castles with the blocks.

We had our sensory bin full of fruits and vegetables and we pretended to grow them.

We are learning so much during our music time with Ms. Marina.  She is teaching us the different sounds and notes.

Here we are examining, weighing and learning the names of  different vegetables.

For our science experiment we put
a celery stalk in some water and food coloring let it sit for 2 days then saw how the celery turned blue.

The children were making fruits and vegetables with play-doh.

Here we are coloring  and making our vegetable puppets.

Painting with broccoli, celery, potatoes and corn on the cob is so much fun.

The children really enjoyed learning how fruits and vegetables grow.  Our class learned about vegetables they have never seen before like radishes and parsley.  It was really fun to paint and play with our food.  Ms. Connie and I  are so glad we were able to share these fun activities with your children.

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