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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring is Here!

Welcome to the highlights of the Ranch room Pre-K AM class!  We have been busy doing many things over the past few weeks.  We have been lucky enough to have Ms. Laura have her sweet baby, Charlotte, and she's happy and healthy and Ms. Laura is loving it!  As Ms. Laura stays home with her sweet new baby, I have taken over her AM class so our blog will reflect both classes!  We've had a great time already! There are many, many good times to come as well! Keep posted for more!
We had a great time during our Valentine's Day Celebration back in February, and invited family members to join us when we passed out Valentines to our friends!  We got to eat the cookies we made during our cookie decorating game too!

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Another great event that we had during February was Donuts for Dads!  We celebrated all that our dads do for us with donuts, presents and a song!  We even had some mustaches for everyone to wear for fun that day.  Check them out!

  Whew! it was a fun, crazy month and we all made great memories during it!  Our next adventure is our field trip to Schnepf Farms!  We got to have hand-on fun while learning and playing at a real farm!  My favorite was the slide down into the goat pen! We also picked lettuce and even got to take some home! We were able to pet animals, pick vegetables, ride the hay wagon and the train all around the farm.  It was a great day!
Picking Red Leaf Lettuce
We learned Pinch and Twist

We slid into the goat pen!
They had their own goat playground!

Hay ride around the farm, learning about where and what they do

Small break before veggie picking

Train ride with friends!

 A huge Thank you to Schnepf Farms and to all you parents who made this great field trip possible!  This is one of my all time favorite field trips now!

Now for a few things that we are doing in the classroom:
We studied Jelly Beans and how water and baking soda & vinegar effected them.

We dropped one jelly bean with water, and one with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.  Guess which one was the favorite???

Along with our jelly beans, we also make observations about those yummy marshmallow treats called Peeps!  We looked, felt and tasted them.  Then wrote down our data.

We had special guests come into our classroom on Thursday!  Because of the Spring Holiday, baby chicks were able to come and visit us.  We got to learn about how a chick comes out of an egg and how the mama hen keeps them warm and how to take care when holding them.  Check out some of the cute chick pics!!!

They had fun and found out that chickens are my favorite animal!!!  It was exciting!  Then we ended the day with an Easter Egg hunt!  All the kids brought in plastic, toy-filled, eggs for our hunt.  Ms. Emmalee and Ms. Theresa hid them while we waited for our turn.  Then we hunted, gathered our goods and said a huge THANK YOU to each other for the goodies. 

 We will be working hard this last quarter, getting ready for Kindergarten and Graduation!  We will be finishing up our letters and then having some fun weeks at the end of the year.  Keep posted for more fun and learning as we are loving our journey through Pre-k!

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