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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring time in the Ranch Room!

We have been busy this spring in the Ranch Room! We have learned so much and have done so many fun things!

To kick off our Spring we celebrated our wonderful Dads! We invited our dads into our class for crafts and donuts! The students worked really hard making their dad a special coozie! We filled the coozie's with Root Beer and wrote special letters for our dads. We even had some grandpas and moms come for that speical day too! All the preschoolers were super proud to share their classroom with their awesome daddies!
Sharing their letters!


Making their dads a special Tie craft!


Crafting with the Daddies!
Next up for the Ranch Room was a trip to the Farm!
We have been learning a lot about the farm and how it works. We learned the type of animals that live on the farm and what each animal helps to do on a farm. We talked about the types of foods like vegetables that we often get from farms and how healthy they are for our bodies! We even did a veggie taste test and all the kiddos tried all the veggies! I was super impressed!
During the field trip to Schnepf Farms we rode a train around the farm, picked our very own red leaf lettuce from the vegetable garden, toured the farm on a tracker, visited a petting zoo and had a picnic lunch! It was a beautiful spring day and everyone had a great time!
Waiting to pick our lettuce!

 Tracker Ride!

Petting Zoo!


Spring has been such a special time for our PreK class! We have all grown so much and I have loved being in the Ranch Room with all these wonderful kids! Before we left for Spring Break the students earned a popsicle party for filling their Warm and Fuzzie Jar!
Beautiful weather and popsicles...what's better than that!!


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