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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ms. Gillian's PM 3's


Here we are at the start of February already, where is the time going??!!

We are still having lots of fun in the forest room while we learn :)  Since coming back from break we have covered some super fun units including Our 5 Senses, Dinosaurs and Down at the Pond.

The kiddos had a fun filled 2 weeks while doing our 5 Senses unit.  Our first week we had fun focusing on our sense of sight and taste.  During this week we made fun little telescopes which we used to go on a number hunt - the kids loved this.  They also made cute little self-portraits, each child looked in a mirror to check on eye color, color of hair... then drew their portraits :)  While working on our sense of taste we had a blast painting with marshmallows, gluing our favorite food plates as well as our tasty tidbit center which went down a treat, the kiddos loved sampling sweet, salty and sour foods - I'm sure you can guess almost every one's favorite!!!

The second week we finished our 5 senses unit focusing on our sense of smell, touch and hearing.  We made some 'scentsational' flowers.  We also had a scent guessing center and played with sweet scented play dough.  We used our sense hearing to distinguish between sounds and match sounds.  We also created quite a musical sensation with the musical instruments :) The kids also had fun with the syllables in each child's name using our rhythm sticks.  We created some texture turtles, played with gloop, as well as finger painting while talking about the texture of the paint :)


We are still working heavily on letter and number recognition.  As well as using out Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to help with writing each letter looking at which letters use curves and/or lines. We are also continuing to work on writing and recognizing our names.

As always we still love when Ms. Sherri comes for music time - one of our favorite times of the week :) Especially when the musical instruments come out too :)
Each one of these adorable little preschooler make me so proud every day :)



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