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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ms. Marta's AM 2's Class

Happy February to you all!  

We had an awesome Valentine's Party in our classroom last week.  
Hope yours was fun, too.  

See below our Tuesday/Thursday class singing to parents!  

We have also been having a good time in our classroom with a few changes in toys and decorations.  There are more science toys, and new soft play food, and you should step in a see all of our posters showing different cultures, kids expressions, examples of sharing, etc.  The kids seem to enjoy having new things on the wall to look at and of course new toys are always a hit!

Doing assessments with each of my kids individually while preparing for Parent Teacher Conferences a few weeks ago renewed my awe for the wonderful ZooPhonics Curriculum.  They really know their stuff and it is getting them so ready for their 3's class next year.  We just finished letter Ss this week and the kids loved their Sammy Snakes and Spiders!  

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