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Friday, February 7, 2014

Ms. Suzi’s MWF AM class

Howdy Ya’ll!  Here on the Ranch, we are having a fantastic time learning!
We love making new friends, exploring our classroom environment, and learning through play.



Each week we have art, math, science and language arts activities that center around our letter of the week.  So far, we have talked about N, O, P and Q. 


Here are a few activities for N week - Neon Nights with neon paint, Nails, and Noodle Names.

P Week was all about pizzas, pets and our new Promethean Board!
Our class pet Radar, the Guinea Pig, is a favorite!

Q is for Quesadilla!  We made quesadillas and talked about how Q and U are best friends.  The best part was eating them!
We love coming to preschool and find new things to discover and learn everyday! 

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