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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ms. Nicole's Pre-K Class

                Welcome to The Ranch!


This January was the very first month for our new classes in The Ranch room.  I have 9 amazing students who are having so much fun exploring our class and learning so many new things! 

Each day is a new experience in Math, Language Arts, Science, Art and Social Studies.  


Our class has been getting into the daily routine of reading the calendar, saying the Pledge of Allegiance and practicing our writing and pre-reading skills.   One of their favorite activities is using the learning apps on our Promethean Smart Board.  They can practice letter sounds, rhyming sounds and complete alphabet games on our "Letter of the Week" game.  What fun!



Meet Radar-he is our school pet who has been

spending time in our class

the last two weeks.



 Our friend Austin enjoying Apples at snack time!



Wyatt, Boss and Lena-Reading with our pal "Big Bear"


                                        Queen Puppets we made for the

                                               "Letter of the Week-Q"

We have such a sweet and smart group of kiddos in this class!  It is such a pleasure to spend time teaching these amazing children.

-Mrs. Nicole

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