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Friday, March 21, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Spring Break is almost over and I can't help but remember all the fun things we did right before we left!  We had an awesome trip to the Phoenix Zoo on our last day of school before we went to break!  We started at the Zoolympics which was really fun and entertaining (as well as very educational)!  We learned about different animals and their talents.  There was a weight lifting competition, a race, a balance beam show and a flying style competition!  I don't think I will ever miss this event again when I go to the zoo!  Here are some pictures from that event!

 The Phoenix Zoo was amazing!  Each student got a scavenger hunt to fill out once they find each animal on it.  My students will get a prize if they bring it back to me when school starts again.  We also walked the Arizona Trail, and my favorite was the Bald Eagle.  We have talked in class about what the bald eagle represents so it was awesome so see it standing so tall and brave. 

Here is a recap of the past couple of weeks leading up to our Zoo visit! Enjoy!
 For N week, we did many fun things like our "nail polish nines" which all students loved!  It was a fun experience to feel how the brush moved, to see how the different textures and colors looked, and to even experience the smell was included!
We also used Magic Nuudles for N week!  These are super fun, you just wet them slightly and they stick together!  We did Nuudle sculptures and they were awesome!!!  If your are looking for something fun and not real messy to do at home, these are it! 
Valentine's Day was a blast!  We had fun centers and all week we focused on the letter V!  We also made clay volcanoes and erupted them, talked about what very means and many other activities! 

For S week, we became scientists!  We mixed many different compounds and observed what occurred when we did.  This was one of my favorite centers of the year!

Graduation is coming fast and we only have one more quarter to go! I can't believe how fast and how much these kids have grown and progressed!  I will miss them so much when they go to Kindergarten, but I know they will be very, very successful!!

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