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Friday, March 7, 2014

Ms. Laree MWF am - 3's class

Happy Spring! 
We are having a great time in our Forest room. 

Last week we learned about opposites.  We made a puppet out of a paper cup and named him/her “UP”.  Up taught us about many opposites.  The kids loved their puppets.

This week we studied all about apples.  We cut the apples open and looked at them inside.  We saved the apple seeds and then planted them in cups to take home.

We talked all about the life cycle of an apple tree.  We used the cut apples for apple stamping with paint.  We used apples to measure ourselves.  The kiddos thought that was super funny!

We read a book called, 10 Apples up on Top by Dr. Seuss.  As I read the book I stacked beanbags on my head just like the characters in the book did with apples.  We had a lot of giggles!

At the end of the week we tasted red, green, and yellow apples to see what everyone liked best.  It was a tie.  We also tasted regular, strawberry and pomegranate applesauce.  The strawberry and pomegranate were the winners!  We then made mini apple pies for the kids to take home and bake.  They all made sure they had enough cinnamon-sugar for on top!



In our HWOT – Handwriting Without Tears - we worked on the number 10 and the letter A.  I am so proud of how well the kids are doing.  We continue to work on writing their names everyday.  I love to see them improve.

  I hope everyone has a fabulous spring break!
Thank you!! (:
Ms. Laree





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