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Friday, August 28, 2015


2's ROOM
We had a great first month of school!
We have lots of fun things happening everyday in our classroom and the kids are learning a lot already. I'm very proud of them!
We have a super great group of kids!!!
                                           Our first day of school was awesome!

We are learning to share... and we are doing a really good job!

Our light table is so much fun...
When it's Music Time when get so excited!!!
We love to sing and dance with Mrs. Marina!

And it is so much fun when she brings her friend with her!


Our friend Mrs. Bunny and her baby Bunny came to visit us and we got to talk about how soft they are.

We get so excited when we see the Bunnies!!!

And we had to take a "Bunny Selfie"!!!

We work hard!
We play & learn at the same time!

We had a special visitor "The Bedtime Fairy"
She came all the way from the moon and told us all about her "secret powers".
She wanted to make sure that we don't forget to brush our teeth before bed.
We had a friend who wanted to fly with her, but unfortunately she said she only flies at night.

We talked about "Friendship", how to be a nice friend... no pushing, no taking toys away from our friends, we can share, we take turns, we say please and thank you...
We decorated our "Friendship Crown"!

And talking about being a good friend... sometimes a friend needs a shoulder to relax right?!
Preschool gets a little messy sometimes and we all love it !!!!!

We'll have a great year!!!
Way to go preschoolers!!!

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