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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Whoo's Ready for Preschool? Welcome to the Forest Room!

Welcome to a new year at Totspot in Ms. Laree's and Ms. Debbie's 3's room!  

We are super excited for this year.  Our first week has been full of many exciting activities.  We have met many new friends and are learning about our classroom.  Take a look at our activities.

Learning how to use Mr. Glue.

Squeezing Mr. Glue's tummy very lightly to make baby dots.

Having fun!

Library time after snack.

We talked about how to use Mr. Scissors.

More practice with Mr. Scissors.

Learning where to take our projects that need to dry.

Free play in our new playhouse!

Circle Time

Circle Time

Learning the first letter in our names.

Becoming familiar with letters.

Learning how to be gentle with our new bunny family.

This is Hershey, one of the baby bunnies in our room.

So soft!


Creative play - walls, dinosaurs and a zoo!

More letter recognition for our first name.

We built a zoo!

Getting messy with shaving cream.

Color sorting for our class book.

Kissing hand activity after reading the story, The Kissing Hand.


Exploring the sensory bin.

Stamping with letters.

Dramatic Play.

  • We are learning the Pledge of Allegiance and which hand is our right hand.
  • We are working on our transition from one activity to another.  
  • We are learning how to play together and play independently while making many new friends. 
  • Circle time is fun while we learn how to listen and follow rules.
What a great first week!! We look forward to many more as we learn about ourselves, our families, our bodies, mat man, teeth, safety and much more!!

Thank you!

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