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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ocean Room, Ms. Debbie and Ms. Amanda T/TH AM 3's Class

We have accomplished a lot in the Ocean room over the past 3 weeks.
  Take a look at our pictures and see all the fun we are having......and we are learning things as well. 

We are learning to play and share with each other.
  Such happy kiddos!!

Getting messy and having tons of fun discovering shaving cream, playdoh and floam!

  Writing and scissor practice

                                       It's reading time....grab a book and discover what's inside!                                                   

Snack time....yum!!

Music time with Mrs. Marina

We had a bunny visit our classroom.  It is such a sweet bunny.

The author of "The Bedtime Fairy" came to visit our classroom.  She read her story to the children and they loved it.  It is a very cute book. 

The first 3 weeks we talked about "Our Family", "All About Me"
 and learned our classroom rules and the daily routine.     
                                        Making a rainbow fish with shaving cream and glue
   Circles, circles and more circles!! 
  Working on the "All About Me" book
We hope you enjoyed this quick glimpse of what we do in the Ocean room.  We are thankful we get to spend time with your little ones.  They are so fun and full of life and energy.  Thank you for sharing them us!  Love, Ms. Debbie and Ms. Amanda

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