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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ocean Room Fun...Ms. Gabi & Ms. Debbie's MWF Class

Roses are red and handprints are blue,

 Sharing with friends is so fun to do!

 Our classroom is filled with wonderful things,

 Like bands and books and clipboards and strings.

 Hermie, our class pet, has a really cool shell.

And we have all learned to get along very well!

We play while we learn and we learn while we play,

Something exciting happens in class every day!

When it's class job time, we do our best.

But our favorite thing is...

Making a MESS!!

We are absolutely having a ball together this year. Although we've only had a few weeks together, our class has become great friends. We are excited to see this group grow over the coming school year. Thanks to our wonderful families for all of your support.

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