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Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello from Mrs. Eryn and Ms. Emmalee's Ranch Room PreK!

We have been having so much fun learning and growing in our classroom this month! We have been working hard on handwriting, letter sounds, recognizing words and starting to put it all together to get ready for kindergarten. :) The students get so excited when we use the smartboard to sort our letter sounds and words. We love to practice our handwriting on the smartboard too!

Our class loves exploring new things and using our imaginations! We have such a fun time doing wacky science experiments and talking about how things work...I think we might have some future inventors in our class!

Here are just a few pictures of our class building and exploring during science time!

Stretch it!

String it!

Exploring with Gloop for the letter Gg! The boys especially loved this stuff! It was so much fun to see their smiling faces while playing with the Gloop!

 Building with the Lincoln Logs! The students love to use pictures from a book or the smartboard and try to recreate those images with the blocks!
Gone Fishin'! The new game we have in our classroom was a big hit this month. After they fish they have to count and sort their fish to find out who won!

Sweet faces! Using the cash registers to play Farmer's Market! The love to count out their money and buy their healthy fruits and veggies! I think the students are going to love going to the grocery store this week!!

More Building!
As you can see we have been having a great time this month in the Ranch Room! We love these kiddos and can't wait for what is in store for us this Spring! 

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