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Friday, April 1, 2016

Mrs. Erin and Ms. Lauryns Farm Room

I am a Preschooler. 
I am not made to sit still. 
Instead teach me by...

Give me sheets and clothespins to build with.
Scavenger hunts. Hiding blocks in a box and 
having me count them with only touch.
Making hopscotch. Counting while you
push me on the swing. Singing to me. Reading 
to me. Making up stories and songs and 
rhymes. Being silly. Plating simple card games 
with me. Drawing in the dirt with sticks with
me. Putting different things in tubes of water 
for me to explore. Freezing those tubes of water
for me to explore differently. Giving me blocks 
to build with. Giving me beads and 
pipe cleaners. Baking with me. Most of all, by 
giving me unstructured time!

Having fun learning about the Ocean


We LOVED building our own tracks. 

We had to stop to celebrate because 

 we LOVE  our birthdays with our friends.

Tire track painting 

Not all of us wanted to paint , playing is much more fun!

T is for tractor

Dentist time!

Some of us got a check-up.

Then we  enjoyed  a healthy snack

More birthdays

Valentines Day. The class was filled with lots of love (and candy of course)

Fun with music and movement 

Eater, we just love our bunnies

The hunt is on....

We had a baby chicken visit us. Everyone was so gentle


And more birthdays!!!

Thank you for taking a peek inside our class. We have so much fun everyday. 

I can not tell you how much I  appreciate you trusting your children with us. Each one of them has a special place in our hearts. Everyday our class is filled with learning and lots of laughs. 

Mrs. Erin and Ms. Lauryn

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