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Friday, August 19, 2016

Farm Room - Mrs. Luciana

Let the fun begin!!!!
I'm so excited about our new School Year and so are the kids. We've been getting to know each other and learning our daily routines. We've been practicing washing our hands, taking turns, sharing and so much more.
Here are some pictures of us learning and having fun...

Snack Time!
The kids are learning to find their spot looking for their placemats with their pictures on it.

 Drawing with wet chalk!
What a fun activity!!!

Making our Class Quilt!
It's always fun to use different colors.


One of our activities was tracing their body on a paper. They loved to see how "big" they are.

Painting is a SUCCESS in our classroom specially when we paint with our Friends!

We play, learn and grow together in our Class !!!

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