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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mrs. Tess' MWF and TTH Pre-K Jungle AM

Welcome to the Jungle!
Mrs. Tess M-F
We have had such a fun time in our classroom getting to meet new friends and learn so many new things! The students in the MWF class and the TTH class are learning the classroom routine and enjoying free choice, centers, small groups, calendar and of course SNACK time!!
Whenever I ask each child what their favorite part of the day is, it seems that snack and lunch are a huge hit! They love to socialize with their peers and are learning great life skills for Kindergarten!
FUNdations is well underway in our room and the students really seem to be enjoying the multisensory approach to learning their letters and sounds! We do FUNdations instruction as a whole group where we get to use our whole body as well as learn letter/keyword/sound. We then use small group instruction to take what they've learned during whole group to a smaller level! We LOVE FUNdations!!
I hope you enjoy our little glimpse into the JUNGLE classroom! We really enjoy all of your precious children and are looking forward to so many new and exciting things together!
-Mrs. Tess
Showing what book he is reading after snack!

Two buds reading books!

Such fun!

Pete the Cat is a favorite in our class!

Pete the Cat spotting again!

Snack time fun!

Loving snack!

Just got done washing hands and so happy!

FUNdations Whole Group

FUNdations/ A little picture pose;)

Doing some letter stretches!

More letter stretches! Ask your child about them;)

Small group FUNdations

Small group independent work!

Small group Math


Independent Work

Math group

Learning about b/bat/b

Snack Time fun!

Reading Buddies!

Small group Math

Independent Work

Learning about f/fun/f

More Snack time fun!

Thanks for stopping by the Jungle!! I hope you enjoyed all of our class pictures! Until next time:)
-Mrs. Tess

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