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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mrs. Nicole & Ms. Connie's Pre-K class in the Ranch room

Our year here in the Ranch room has already gotten off to a great start!  We have an amazing class with 12 students, Ms. Connie and myself, Mrs. Nicole.  Since this class is Monday through Friday, we have already dug into the curriculum and begun having so much fun!  We begin our day with “Free Play” and our “Art” center where the kids get to create something all of their own-not just a planned craft.  This allows for creative interpretation and true artistic value to come out.  One of the girls favorite activities during free play is to make cards and letters and “mail” them to each other using our mail center and mailbox.  These are always sent with much love and care!

Another important aspect of our day is incorporating language arts into everyday play in addition to our Fundations curriculum.  This allows the kids to explore and play with tactile objects to further their understanding of our letters and sounds, while giving context to their pre-reading skills.

Three times during our day we come together as a whole group in the circle.  We go over our daily attendance chart, report the weather, look at the calendar, sing songs, stretch, share and talk about the activities we’re doing throughout the day.  The kids are already showing great ability to focus for short periods while sitting among the group.  These collaborative times are so much fun!

Lastly, one of the children’s favorite times of day, is snack!  It is a blast to sit with them and hear all about the wonderful thoughts racing through their minds.  They are not only eating, rather, they are sharing, learning to take turns, practicing manners, listening, planning, and being responsible young people!  It is definitely a fun time of day!

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