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Monday, August 22, 2016

Mrs. Nettie & Mrs. Audra's MWF 3's Class

We wish you a bright and happy welcome to a terrific new school year here in the Beach Room! The giggles and smiles of our students fill the classroom with such joy and delight, creating the perfect environment and foundation to a successful learning year! We have been busy meeting new faces, building friendships, making an introduction to shapes and the number one, singing songs, and learning the routines of the classroom.

Here is a glimpse into the exciting moments within our classroom during our first week here at TotSpot! :o)

The students familiarized themselves with the new shapes and colors that we will learn this year using the magnetic board!


Fun Exploration with building blocks!



The children had a blast uncovering their "invisible" names using bright, fun water colors!

The students did a wonderful job printing the number one!

The Kinetic Sand Pit was a huge hit! The kiddos loved getting to use their imagination to  build new shapes and creations!


Music time is a must with Mrs. Nettie ;o) Our class had a blast creating some tunes at circle time!

Look who "hopped" on over to visit us in the Beach Room!


We had a wonderful time making paper plate self portraits!



What better way to end such a "bright and sunny" week than with a homemade sweet treat?! Mmmm Mmmm!

Our school year will be brighter than the sun!!

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed a peek into our fun-filled classroom! :o)

Mrs. Nettie & Mrs. Audra

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