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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fall Fun Ocean Room PM PreK's

Our little pumpkins are having a wonderful learning season this fall!

Autumn leaf activities at circle time

Pumpkin exploration at science time

Costumes and "trick or treating" during dramatic play


Our Halloween party was a spooky success!



We've added journal time to our weekly routine! The children love documenting their learning.

A few of our favorite science experiments:  mashing bananas, cracking eggs and making "elephant toothpaste."



And joke time is one of our favorite class activities! Here are a few of our funniest...

What do you call a sleepy T-rex?
A dino-snore!


Why are camels so hard to find?

Because sometimes they wear camel-flage!

 What do witches put in their hair?

Snack time is still our best time of the day. Class favorite? Bread and jam!


 It's been a fabulous fall in the Ocean Room!

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