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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ranch Room Roundup
T/Th pm Ms. Suzi & Ms. Carrie

Each day in class we have an activity that teaches us concepts in Science, Language Arts, Math and Art as well as our handwriting and reading program, FUNdations.  Sometimes we have a theme, like apples, that covers all of the subjects and we can discover in depth about that subject in all the learning areas.  Below you will see activities that we've explored in each of these subjects.


We're learning about the weather.  We have a weather helper every day that looks outside to see what the weather is like that day.  Since the beginning of the year, most days are hot and sunny, but on a rare day we get to talk about a storm or what kind of clouds we see.
Our pet hermit crabs are an ongoing science project.  We've learned that they need food and water every day, they love to be sprayed to keep their home moist, they like to eat apples and they love to come out and visit with us.  We also learned that they have sharp claws if we're not gentle with them. If we're quiet and still as statues, they will come out of their shells and walk around. 


Ice cube insects.  What makes ice melt?  Once way is to drop warm water on an ice cube to warm the ice.  It will melt into water.  Bonus-inside was an insect surprise!

One of our most exciting science experiments was making elephant toothpaste!  It's not really toothpaste, but sure looks like it could be enough to brush an elephants huge teeth and tusks!  We mixed hydrogen peroxide, yeast and other ingredients to erupt out of a plastic bottle.

Watering our plants is another continual science project.  We water them every day and watch how they grow.  Plants need sun, water and soil.

BUTTER! Did you know you can make butter in a jar? We shook and shook and shook cream in a bottle and enjoyed eating our delicious butter on bread at snack time.  Yum!

APPLES! What are the parts of an apple? Can you eat them all? What does an apple look like when you cut it vertically? How about horizontally?  What is your favorite tasting apple - red, yellow or green? We all found green really sour!

Monster slime is always a favorite!!

What do we find in a pumpkin? This is a great sensory activity as well.  Who wants to feel the slime and get their hands dirty?


Name bracelets - putting letters of their names in order.  They loved them!

Name puzzles

Quiet reading time.

This elephant only eats words that start with e!


FUNdations writing program.  They're all working so hard to learn how to write the letters and learn the sounds!


Ice cream cone counting.  We also made ice cream in a bag as a science experiment.  We used all our senses to determine which flavor was our favorite!

Eggs equals activity.  We learned addition sentences using eggs in a nest.  Then we glued eggs in our own nests and made our own sentences! 


Drip painting.  What happens when you drip watercolors on shaving cream?  It was interesting to find out. Really not one of the best for an actual art project to keep, but the kids liked the effect and it was fun to hypothesize what would happen.

Dinosaur bones.  Many of our art activities could also be science.  They each picked a dinosaur and made a skeleton with noodles of all sizes and shapes.  They put a lot of thought into what noodles would fit best for each body part. 

Ice cream week!  Shaving cream glue paint.  It dries fluffy.  We make all kinds of paint and use various mediums to put the paint on - hands, pom poms, paint brushes, nature, food, etc, and many different objects to paint on - paper, egg cartons, clay, and more.

We used wax paper on this project to spread the paint to make an earth.

Remember!  Drip the paint in raindrops, not puddles!

Edge art.  What kind of designs can you make with different "edges?"  We tried cardboard, spoons, plastic cake decorators, popsicle sticks and cups.  Very creative free discovery art!

Cut an apple vertically and horizontally and you'll get different designs to paint with.  Did you know cutting it horizontally along the equator will make a star in the middle? Beautiful stamps!

Super fun day!  Enjoy the pics!

Thanks for visiting!  Our classroom is full of discovery, learning, fun and friendship!!

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