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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Ms. Laura and Ms. Emmalee's MWF pm Pre-K class

Even though it's a while before Spring, our center letter for the week was T. The kids had fun making blossoms out of popcorn for their (Trees)

ABC patterns are a concept we are practicing in Pre-K. The teddy bears are perfect for color sequencing.

Tin foil art:)

Brushing Alphabet Teeth

T is for Tower. The kids had contests on who could build the highest one.

Our dramatic play bin this week was Construction themed.

The Ranch is so lucky to have a Teepee to play in

Independent reading is an important part of everyday life in the Ranch

Our class portrayed Pilgrims before joining the other two Pre-K classes for a Thanksgiving Feast 

What makes Pumpkin Pie? The kids were real scientists, mixing different ingredients to find out.

Ms. Emmalee created a thank you card the kids could all sign and take to our Ocean friends who hosted us for the Feast.

Turkey baster races:)

Writing thankful cards to our families

The Pilgrims and Indians come together

Thank you to parents for your donations. The food was delicious!

The children got to hear a story all about the history of the First Thanksgiving. Ask them what the name of the ship the Pilgrims sailed on was, and the name of the Indian tribe.

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