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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Our Thanksgiving Feast

 Our Thanksgiving Feast!  We dressed up as Native Americans and we got to eat with our friends in the Ocean Room and the Ranch Room.  We learned about the First Thanksgiving.  We learned how the Pilgrims and the Native Americans were different but they became friends and feasted together.  We also learned how it was different for the people that lived a long time ago, and gave the children a historical perspective.  They loved the candles on the table.

Here we are making our silly faces!

We love to play with our ABC Locks and Keys!

WE love to dress up with our costumes!
Here we are getting ready for Thanksgiving!

Glueing Feathers on isn't easy-but its great for us to try!

WE love to work together as a team and put together a puzzle

WE are practicing our cutting skills!  Everyone is busy cutting

WE love to sit and share in the "Share Chair"  We get to share a favorite toy and read our favorite book.  Sometimes we can read our favorite book all by ourselves!

We got to eat with our friends in the Ranch Room.  We were the Native Americans and they were dressed as the Pilgrims.

WE love to play with  and meet new friends!

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