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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Laura and Emmalee's MWF am Ranch Class

We've had an exciting couple months in our class! We've had many visitors to the ranch; including parakeets, a chicken named Rue, and the nice ladies at the dentist. We also went on our field trip to the grocery store and learned all about nutritious food and how things are organized. As always we are working hard to prepare socially and academically for Kindergarten!

Science experiments: Jello eruptions give them practice with adding ingredients and watching the reaction. Squeezing the droppers are good for fine motor skills.

Math skills: Sorting and counting items are a concept we do a lot in Pre-K

Nutritious cereal vs. Healthy cereal

Hanging out in the dairy section 

They all got to scan an item they picked up on our grocery run.

We are all encouraged to brush twice a day for 2 minutes to get rid of the sugar bugs:)

Making sculptures with toothpicks and grapes

We do a lot of writing in Pre-K

We are focusing on lowercase letters now

Show and Tell:)

G is for GARDEN

Long and Short O

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