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Monday, February 29, 2016

Ms. Debbie and Ms. Amanda's T/TH AM Class Ocean Room Adventures

We have been busy since we came back from Winter break. 
 Here's what's been happening in the Ocean room on T/TH mornings.  

Painting with jello on the letter J for 
our sense of smell theme. 
                     Number practice                


                                                                       Book time

Dinosaur week was so much fun.  The preschoolers glued bones (q-tips) onto dino skeletons, we made clay dinosaurs and we counted the spikes on our Stegosaurus.  This theme is always a favorite!

                                        Pond week: making paper sack puppets (fish, turtle).


P is for pond, purple and pink.


Memory match with letters. 

                                                           Art time: decorating a fish

                      Transportation week:  practicing patterns with trains, planes, and automobiles.

Decorating train conductor hats and we played train also.
Tracing the letters with cars and parking lot math.
                                               All Aboard!!!  They're such cute train conductors!

Opposites week:  big/small, black/white....just to name a few. 

We had a special visit from a dental office. 
 They taught us how to keep our teeth clean and healthy.  
Some of us had a free check up while they were visiting our classroom.

Open wide!!

                                             Team work and playing together is how
                                                 we like to do it in the Ocean room!

Love the art easel!

 Valentines Day celebration.....
playing with chocolate scented playdoh and 
making chocolate candies.


Math center: graphing conversation hearts by color and 
then counting them to see which color had the most/least. 

Decorating our bags for all of our Valentine's.

Making a special Valentine craft for our loved ones.

This is what they all have been waiting for;
 passing out the Valentines.  They waited so patiently:)

Making the letter K with "roll-a-doh".  The preschoolers love using this method to form the letter of the week.  Such a fun way to learn to write our letters.  
Apple week:  we peeled apples with an apple peeler then tried the different colored apples:
green, yellow and red.  We then graphed which ones the preschoolers liked the most and the red apple won. 


My peel is longer than yours!

We loved celebrating dads and donuts:  we had dads, grandpas, uncles, and moms come to spend time with their preschooler.  We sang a fun song and decorated a tie with dad.  As you can see, they didn't mind wearing their ties that day!  Thanks for coming! We hope you had a good time! 

 Our class loves the dramatic play totes.  We pulled this one out and it wasn't long before almost every child had on an outfit.  This is our "Community Helpers" tote: fire fighter, police, postal worker, construction worker and pilot.  They looked so cute!  I just had to take a picture!

Thanks for visiting our blog.  We love our Ocean room family!!

Ms. Debbie and Ms. Amanda

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