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Monday, February 22, 2016

Mrs. Nettie's 3's AM/PM Classes

Welcome to Mrs. Nettie and Mrs. Lisa's Tuesday/Thursday 3's!
We have some catching up to do and we can't pass by our Christmas celebration :) The Christmas joy was quickly spreading through our classroom :) Take a peek at some of the fun that took place in our class...

Learning about our Five Senses with some added graphing practice. Taste testing sweet, salty and sour was our favorite :)

 We love letter identification! Matching the same letters to the bins is always lots of fun!

Love is in the air! The children enjoyed exchanging Valentines :)

We enjoyed our visit from the dentist and learning all about the importance of keeping our teeth nice and healthy. 

Melts my heart when the children begin to say the Pledge of Allegiance on their own. 

Our printing is progressing nicely and I'm so proud of these kiddos for their determination and focus!

The children loved working on number recognition and matching it to the number value!

Focusing on matching Opposites.

The kiddos enjoyed the opposite practice created with little puppets to represent up/down or inside/outside.

Always need to have room to just explore and build our minds :)

The students are getting stronger and stronger with their fine motor skills. 

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our classroom!
Mrs. Nettie & Mrs. Lisa

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