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Monday, February 22, 2016

Ms. Suzi and Ms. Myrna's

Ocean Class

Our class has had so much fun the last few months - we make a mess every day!  And we love it!!  We made our own oceans, bird nests, kitchen concoctions, painted with fuzzy "kitten" tails and painted rainbows in several ways.  We also learned about nutritious foods and took a field trip to Fry's Marketplace.  Take a look at the pictures for a peek at the fun. 
Oceans!  We decorated our own oceans.  These sensory bags are so fun to play with!

We made our own bird nests - after we read "The Best Nest" by P.D. Eastman.
Candy Cane science - What happens to the candy cane when you soak it in baking soda and vinegar? Try it to find out!

 Christmas tree patterns and size discrimination activity. Shhh!  Don't tell them they were doing math!

Science - Kitchen concoctions.  The kids were given flour, sugar, vinegar, baking soda, spices and other ingredients found in the kitchen.  They made their own concoctions.  What does it smell like? What food could you make with it?  Would you eat this? Have you used these ingredients before at home?

Kitchen dramatic play. 
Super fun and the dishes they made were so "yummy" and creative!

What?!? Painting with a kitten's tail? Super messy, but a fun experiment to see how it works.  And guess what? You can use just about anything to make art! 

Yoyos are harder than they look! 

Y is for YOU!  Look at our wall of self portraits.  The kids really did a great job looking in a mirror at their eye color, hair color and other individualities!

Cosmic Yoga Recess time

Leaves have veins that carry food to the whole leaf from the sun. 
Can you see the veins on our leaves?

 What does your leaf collage look like?

Rainbows many ways!  We even looked in a prism and saw a rainbow. 

Lego towers!


 Love letters they wrote themselves.

Our field trip to Fry's.  Before we went, we talked about healthy food choices and all the many foods you can get at the grocery store.  They got to try a healthy cereal, pick out healthy groceries in all the
food groups, go in the freezer and dairy fridge, touch a lobster, check out their groceries and even get a cookie at the end!  It's one of my favorite field trips!  

Valentine's Friendship celebration - the kids brought valentines for their friends and matched the names on the cards to the bags. 

Candy heart race.  Fine motor game picking up candy hearts with chopsticks. 
How many can you pick up?
 Decorate a cookie game.  How many sprinkles do you get? How many candies? Pick a card to see.

 Fruit patterns on a kabob stick.
We've had such a fun time the last few months! 
 Join us again in April to see more from the Ocean room!


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