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Friday, September 2, 2016

Ms. Julie & Ms. Amy's 3s class in the Forest Room

Our three-year-olds are finding their groove and really enjoying all of the fun toys we have in the Forest room.  We have 13 awesome students.  Each morning there is always a welcome activity for the kids when they first arrive.  It changes daily or weekly, but below you can see a few of the things they've played with to encourage creativity and problem solving. 

We do a lot in the 3s class with developing and strengthening fine motor skills.  Our theme for week three was Family, and here the students are developing fine motor skills by gluing cheerios onto letters that spell family.

Twice a day we have Centers where we focus on math, handwriting, and art.  The students loved "shaving" men's faces, playing shapes bingo, gluing, and cutting cutting cutting!

Snack time is loved by everyone!  It lets all of us recharge and gives us a chance to get to know each other better.  Miss Amy and I love asking the kids about their weekend and hearing their cute responses.

Our handwriting program, Handwriting Without Tears, is awesome.  The students not only practice writing numbers, but they get to build them with wooden sticks.

This last week we started our Body theme.  After tracing everyone's body on large butcher paper, we did art projects with glitter paint, puff paint, and blow painting. 

We do Circle Time three times a day.  We read stories, play games, sing songs, review our letters, colors and numbers, and just have a lot of fun.  Sometimes we even do cool science experiments.  

I hope you've enjoyed all of the photos.  We sure do enjoy all of the kids!  

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