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Friday, February 17, 2017

Ms. Amy & Ms. Becky's T/TH 3's Class in the Forest Room

LOVE ❤ is in the Air in the Forest Room! This week we have been celebrating Valentine's Day and Love.

We celebrated Valentine's Day by playing with chocolate playdough (which smelled good enough to want to eat!), decorated bags for our card exchange, made cards for our parents, decorated a frame for our parents...and of course had a special treat!

We also learned about Love, what it means and different ways to show it. The kids worked on making patterns with hearts, making a Valentine's counting book, cutting skills in the sensory bin and stamping hearts using toilet paper rolls.

Other fun things this week include sorting shapes to match patterns, Geoboards (using rubberbands to make different shapes), and practicing tracing our names.

For Science on Thursday, we experimented with wack-a-packs. Wack-a-pack balloons are both educational and entertaining. Simply smack the pack with your hand and it self-inflates. The pop is not very loud, but equivalent to the popping of a bag of chips. The balloon then begins to inflate and takes about 30 seconds to completely inflate.

The chemical reaction of citric acid (Vitamin C), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and distilled water will create a small bang and inflate the balloons. The kids couldn't understand that part of course..but they were excited to see the bag slowly inflate and surprised when the balloon burst out! They could feel it was cold at first to the touch as it expanded. They all wanted to cut open the balloon because they were naturally curious at what was happening inside. (Pick up a 4 pack at the $1 store and try it at home with your kids!) 

And as always, our kids love free play time to pretend and explore!

The kiddos also love music time with Ms. Marina...

Thank you for stopping by to visit our classroom. We are busy learning, exploring and growing!

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