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Monday, February 20, 2017

The Ocean Room with Ms. Suzi, Ms. Esmeralda & Ms. Gretchen

We're having fun playing, learning and growing together this year!

Crickets and ladybugs came to visit.  We observed our new insect friends, wrote about having them as pets and imagined what it would be like if we were insects.

We mad ice cream in a bag!  What is your favorite flavor?  We graphed which ones we liked the best.

Delicious! Chocolate is our favorite!

We miss Ms. Myrna!

She loved our class quilt! 

Making our own pizzas.  This activity involved fine motor skills, making choices of toppings, trying new foods, observing what happens when cheese gets hot and sharing with our friends. 

Pet week!  We loved having our new friends come in to visit.  They were very well behaved and so soft!  They even knew a few tricks!

Schnepf Farms field trip! Enjoying the beautiful day on the hay ride.

We picked arugula to take home to try in a salad.

Are the horns rough or smooth?  What does a goat eat? How does the fur feel?  We answered all our questions in the petting zoo.

Candy cane science.  What happens when you put a candy cane in vinegar and baking soda? We have fun guessing and experimenting.

One of the favorite days of the year! Pajama day Christmas party!

We talked about kangaroos this week and made our own puppets and pouches.

Our kangaroos did everything with us that day!

Have you ever met a rat kangaroo? We had 2 Australian visitors this day.  They are Bettongs, small marsupials that carry their young in a pouch.  It was exciting to see an animal we've never seen before!

We're working so hard learning our letter and writing them!  Where does a capital letter start? On the sky line! 

Our Fry's field trip.  We learned all about the food groups.  Each of us got to pick out healthy groceries and check them out at the end!

I do like cereal without sugar!

It's so cold in the freezer!

We're getting really good at patterns!

Kitchen concoctions!  What can you make with things in the kitchen?

Ms. Suzi!  Mine smells like cinnamon!

Thanks for visiting our class!

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