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Friday, February 24, 2017

Ms. Nicole's Ranch Room 2017 Round up!

We’re off to a great start in 2017 in the Ranch!  We laugh, we play, we create and of course we make the best of friends.  This week we brought out the “Doctors and Nurses” dramatic play bin and set up our own little urgent care!  The students took turns being both doctor and patient to each other.  (And yes, they pretended to cry with each and every shot!)  They showed such care and compassion for each other-what a joy to see! 

Landon and Anya are writing letters to their friends and mailing them during “free play” in the morning.  Some of our greatest lessons come our of this creative playtime each morning.  I love to see the fun ideas they come up with-like mailing letters to Santa, or creating their own grocery lists.  The are starting to create words by sounding them out and spelling them on their paper.  It is a super impressive kindergarten skill that I love to see!

Another important aspect of “free play” is the carpet area where we play with our train tracks, cars, people and animals.  Our students love to build intricate train tracks and play with the animals.  The shark is always one of our favorites! It typically leads to the kiddos squirming around on the rug like sharks and minnows!

On the day before winter break we enjoyed a relaxed day watching the Polar Express and having hot chocolate.  The students each brought a book to share for our book exchange and we all talked about the fun things we hoped to do over the break. 

I am so impressed with the academic progress of our students this year.  We have an incredible amount of students that are already reading and spelling words.  Many of them are reading our small early reading books too!  Wednesdays are the kids’ favorite day of the week because we play “Wacky Word Wednesday”.  We toss a ball around that has a bunch of consonants written on it.  They pick a consonant, then someone picks a vowel, and then they toss the ball to a friend to get another consonant.  Once we have all 3 letters we sound them out as a class, segmenting each sound, and then blending them all together.  Then we decide if we made a real word or a wacky word…it’s usually wacky!  Just yesterday we tried to make as many real words as we could, and we did!  We made 8 real words and only 4 wacky words.  Lucky for them, either way, they are practicing the foundational skills of reading.  EVERY student is participating actively and reading the CVC words!


Snack is our social time and we love to share all about our family and favorite things.  During snack we also practice our table manners, taking turns and being respectful.  The are quite the little citizens!  Overall, class time flies by because we are always having so much fun together.  

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