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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

PM Pre K Fun: Kangaroos & I Love You's

Come take a peek at the fun things going on in the Ocean Room...

Our class had some special visitors to help us learn the Letter K:

Izzy & Bindi, two kangaroo rats from Australia!

We toured Fry's Marketplace on our field trip and learned about healthy eating.

Check us out!!

Baby, it's cold in the giant freezer!
Meeting Larry the Lobster

Playdough is still popular in our room as we build strong fingers and imaginations!

We've learned all of our lower-case ABC's and are now working on upper-case letters and alphabetical order.

We love writing on our Fundations boards!

Ms. Marina has taught us about major and minor scales during music.

R is for rainbow...we used special prism glasses to see all the colors in our room.

Hunting for rainbows!

We've started a new math activity: the Estimation Jar. Thanks to all who have filled it. It's so fun to count, sort and pattern with new items each week!

Thank you, helpers! We all have to pitch in to keep our classroom ship-shape.

X marks the spot...practicing handwriting with our smartboard.

Puzzles with new friends

Thank you to our visiting dental hygienists who cleaned and checked our teeth!


Valentine's Day Fun

Fruit Kabobs


Counting Kisses

Lots of love!

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