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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Field Trips, Fun and Springtime in the Jungle Room

To start off our Spring right, we got to hold Baby Chicks!

Everyone was so gentle to the baby chicks. 

Cooks in the Kichen!  Dramatic Play

Next, we got to let some of our butterflies fly away!  We got to watch as they changed from Caterpillar to Chrysalis to Butterfly!

Here we are lining up to go outside to let them fly away.

Can you see a butterfly on the flower?

Waving Good-bye to our butterflies!

Then we got to go on our Field Trip To Fry's!

We even got to go in the freezer where it was so cold!

Brrrrrrr, Freezing cold!

Then we got to pet the Lobsters!  Don't worry their claws were tied shut and we had to wear gloves.

WE learned about Healthy eating choices!

Which Cereal is healthier?

Cute Partners!

Everyone stayed with their partners.

We even got to check out our food!

What a fun Field Trip to Fry's!

Here is the next Class lining up to let the last 2 butterflies go. 

Bye- Bye To our last Butterfly!

Celebrating Birthdays!

And Last, we got to go on our Field Trip to The Zoo!

Sting Ray Bay!

Until Next Time!  We had so much Fun 

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