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Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring in the Ocean Room with Ms. Suzi and Ms. Myrna

We've had a great year with lots of learning and adventures.  This quarter we focused on the letters F and W, went on a field trip to Schnepf Farms, learned about eggs and jelly bean science for Easter, and ended with the letters Q and U - who are best friends and almost always seen together!  We've made lots of friends and enjoyed each other.  Our class LOVES to talk!  We love to tell stories during circle time!  We love to have great conversations during snack time!  We love to tell about our pets, vacations, families and what we do during a storm.  Learning about each other has created great friends!  Enjoy this look at our class adventures.

Letter Ff

 Lowercase foil f
Uppercase foil F

Letter Ww

 What objects weigh more?

What is weather? 

Schnepf Farms Field Trip

 Petting Zoo

 It's a little stinky!

 Sliding down into the goat enclosure

 Look at all the chicken eggs
 Hay ride around the farm

 We picked red lettuce.  It was delicious!

 Train ride around the farm
We love our silly moms!

 Easter Week

 Playdough easter eggs
 Jelly bean science
 What happens when you put a jelly bean in water, vinegar, soap or soda pop?

 Easter egg hunt

Qq Week

 Q tip creations

 What's a question mark?
 Yummy quesadillas!
 Quarter puzzles
Queens and Kings

Letter Uu

 Sink or float? Does it stay above the water or go under the water?
We had some pretty good guessers!

 Under the table addition

 Long U sound or short U sound?

We love our Ocean class friends!


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