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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Fun in the Circus Room!

We had so much fun at our Easter Celebration and learning about caterpillars and butterflies this week.  Next week we will learn all about flowers, plants, and how they grow!

The kids LOVE painting and playing with the shaving cream.  We mixed colors to paint our eggs.

We practiced the letter M and N. Each day, we practice writing our names!

Fun at free play time!

For dramatic play, we had some fun with the Camping bin.
And being silly with the canteen!  

We love our pet guinea pig, Miss Piggy!

We had fun coloring eggs with cornstarch and paint. We learned how mixing cornstarch with water colors made a paint we could use on our eggs.  It was really sticky!

We used the eggs during math.  We counted how many eggs we had all together, then we each counted out a certain number of eggs to put in our bags during the egg hunt.  After the egg hunt, we each emptied our bags and counted how many we had!

 Snack Time!

 Last week, we had some baby chicks come and visit our classroom! We were great at being gentle with them.

Circle Time and Music Time with Ms. Marina!

 Caterpillar painting with circles and counting!

 We used cups and forks to paint our pictures.

We had fun learning all about how caterpillars turn into butterflies! We watched real caterpillars make a cocoon in our classroom.  We can't wait to watch them turn into butterflies!

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