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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mrs. Luciana & Mrs. Shannon Farm Room

And here we go learning more and more each day...And it means that we have fun every day.

Look at this fun moment...
The kids got to sit inside the box and could color the whole interior of the box.


We built a "Rocket Ship" !

The kids used paper towel roll and aluminum foil to build their own Rocket Ship.

3, 2, 1...Blast Off!!!

The kids were learning that "Hands" starts with the letter "H, and of course we had to use our hands!

Because we had a week talking about taking good care of our teeth, we had this fun project that we were brushing this "big yucky yellow tooth" with a real toothbrush and  toothpaste to make it nice and clean.

And guess who showed up...
The "Tooth Fairy"!!!
She came to show us how to brush and floss our teeth.

And everybody got to practice on her "Furry Friend"

Then she told us about the "Sugar Bugs"...

And how we have to brush our teeth to get it nice and clean!

And don't forget to Floss!!!

Talking about sugar...
We learned that Donut starts with the letter "D", so why not decorate our letter with some frosting and sprinkles???



Working on "Fine Motor Skills"


And the kids are learning how to use the scissors. What a great experience!!!

And here are some of the moments that I love to capture...

On my first chance,
I may make a mess.
On my second chance,
I may start to understand.
On my third chance,
I may begin to know.
But with each and every future chance,
I will surely grow.

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