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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Circus Room 3's

Making New Friends and Learning Together in the Circus Room!

Fun during free play with our new friends!

We have celebrated a few birthdays!

Circle time and music and movement!

We have been busy learning about our bodies, our teeth, and safety!

Trying on the "Body Vest" was fun!

During our Teeth week, we played with playdoh teeth,

counted with dice and marshmallow teeth,

painted our yellow teeth white,

and we even had a visit from a pediatric dentist office!

During Safety week we learned about car safety and fire safety.

We sorted and made patterns with vehicles.

We learned what the colors on a traffic light mean.

Fire is hot!

Our favorite was "Parking Lot Math!"

We had a visit from a Firefighter.  He showed us all of his gear and reminded us how to stay safe in an emergency!

We help clean up the classroom before lunch time!

Handwriting practice and quiet time.

Ms. Marina is our music teacher.  We have started practice for our Christmas Program!

We are having a great year so far!

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