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Friday, September 23, 2016

Learning and Making Friends in the Jungle Room with Mrs. Amanda and Ms. Lauren pre-k P.M.

 First Day!  We practiced our letters and shapes in shaving cream

 We eat our vegetables at Totspot!  Yummy!
 We listen and learn in circle time.
 We had a pretend birthday party!  fun!
 We learned all about our bodies and even about the inside of our bodies!

We got to pet a pot belly pig named Teacup.  He was so cute!

 Painting with balloons.
 We learned all about taking care of our teeth and how we don't want to get sugar bugs.

 Student star!  Everyone gets a chance to be the student star!

WE are making friends and working together and sharing!

 Learning about brushing our teeth and pretending to brush Buddy's teeth.

 Learning about Mosaics and patterns.  These kids worked hard!

 Salt painting was so fun.  They said it was magic paint!

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