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Friday, September 9, 2016

Hands On Learning in the Ocean Room PreK PM Class

How wonderful to have grandparents in the Ocean Room today! We told jokes, sang songs, read stories and ate snacks. It's so fun to show off for Grandma and Grandpa...the perfect audience!

Another welcome guest in the classroom last month was Li'l Jimmy. a black mini potbelly pig. Jimmy tried to eat play dough off our floor, but we traded him for some cucumber, which he liked much better.

Hermie and Shelly are our Ocean Room mascots. They are friendly hermit crabs.

 We feed them every day after eating our own snack.
Pet Feeder is one of our most popular classroom jobs!

Other important jobs are Gardener,


Flag Holder, 

and Snack Helper!

We are working hard on our handwriting and letter sounds during Language Arts.


We love exploring the world during Science

 and finding patterns during Math.

And art projects just make us happy!

The messier, the better!


Preschool is full of Hands On fun!

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